Long stay visa for studies

Long stay visa for studies for more than 90 days

- During the validity of their visa, holders of a long stay (D) visa are authorized to travel within the other Schengen States without a Schengen visa (for a maximum of 90 days within a six month period)

Do I need a visa?

- YES, except if you are a citizen of one of the following countries:

Andorra Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland Germany Great-Britain Greece Hungary Iceland
Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Monaco The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania San Marino
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Vatican

- B1-B2 visa holders: You must apply in the country of your residence. No visas will be delivered to foreigners holding U.S B1-B2 visas.

How to apply for a long stay student visa?

BEFORE APPLYING FOR A VISA, all students 18 years old and older at the time of their studies in France and those who wish to follow studies in France for more than 90 days must first enroll themselves with CAMPUSFRANCE www.usa.campusfrance.org in order to obtain a student visa for France. Contact Campus France for more information.

Note: If you plan to stay in France mainly for a sabbatical stay but you are taking a French language class part-time and staying also for tourism, you should apply for a long stay "visitor" visa.

- STEP 1 : register and obtain an "attestation" from "CAMPUSFRANCE", prior to applying for a visa at the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles.

  • E-mail from Campus France (entitled “Your Campus France file has been processed”) stating that your application with Campus France has been completed informing the student that he or she may begin preparations to book an appointment at the consulate in order to apply for the visa.
  • Students who already applied for a visa through Campus France and who are now applying for a second consecutive semester at the same school must contact Campus France in order to update their profile. Half fee for a long stay visa will apply. However, proof of an updated Campus France registration revalidation and enrollment for the 2nd semester must be presented. Please, contact Campus France for re-confirmation of your registration.

- STEP 2 - Once you complied with CAMPUSFRANCE requirements, gather all the documents listed under "Requirements" on this page.

- STEP 3 - Make an appointment.


- About 8 to 14 calendar days once a complete file has been presented.

An incomplete file will delay your application and you may need to re-book an appointment.

Please, apply in advance. Do not wait for the last minute.
You may apply no earlier than 3 months before your departure date.

IMPORTANT: Due to a high number of applicants and limited appointment slots during the months of JUNE, JULY, AUGUST and DECEMBER, we strongly suggest to apply at least 20 days before your departure or if possible earlier in order to avoid delays. There is no expedite process.


Please provide us with the ORIGINAL + 1 COPY of each document listed including passport and relevant pages.



The French Consulate in Los Angeles only accept applicants who are residents from:
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Southern California, and Southern Nevada.

You will have to show us at least ONE of the following documents:

  • a valid driver license or state ID from one of these states, which must be located in the consulate’s jurisdiction (click here for a map)
  • or a valid student ID from a university located in one of these states (or a statement issued within the past 2 months from the registrar of your university, which must be located in the consulate’s jurisdiction).
  • or an original lease or rental agreement in the applicant’s name or a notarized statement from the owner or leaseholder plus a recent utility bill in the applicant’s name with an address located in the consulate’s jurisdiction.


(+ ONE COPY of the identity and relevant pages containing the passport holder’s personal data)

  • Must be valid for at least three months after your return to the US
  • Has at least two blank pages left to affix the visa (amendment pages are NOT suitable for visas).
  • Has been delivered less than 10 years ago (date of the first issuance)
  • Be in good condition (i.e. not torn or damaged)

If you are not a U.S. citizen please include:

  • A valid U.S. permanent residence card ("green card") (+ ONE COPY)
  • or a valid U.S. visa with valid I-94 and valid I-20. (+ ONE COPY of each)
    • Note: B1-B2 U.S. visa holders: Please, apply in the country of your residence. No visas will be delivered to foreigners holding U.S. B1-B2 visas.

      Refugee travel documents and US Re-entry permits are not accepted.
      Diplomatic and special passports are not accepted


To be paid in person on the day of the appointment (Visa or Mastercard ONLY).
Click here for a list of the application fees.
NO cash, NO money order, NO checks. Visa / Mastercard ONLY.

Note: If someone other than the applicant is paying for the application fees, they will need to fill out a credit card payment authorization form
+ photocopy of the cardholder’s driver’s license or state ID


PDF - 28.4 kb
Long stay visa - Application Form (in English)

One long stay visa application form filled out completely and signed by the applicant.
Please remember to indicate a date of departure from the US to France on question number 26. (+ ONE COPY)


- One (1) passport photos. Do not glu or staple.
- no older than 6 months, in color, plain white background, photo quality paper, passport size (2"x2"), must clearly show your features (no glasses), your face must fill about 75-80% of the photograph, taken facing the camera, no side or angled view, keep a neutral expression (no smiling), uncovered (head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons, but your facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of your face must be clearly shown)
More details on photograph requirements.


CAMPUSFRANCE www.usa.campusfrance.org (see details above on how to register) to be found in your Campus France account mailbox:

  • E-mail from Campus France (entitled “Your Campus France file has been processed”) stating that your application with Campus France has been completed informing the student that he or she may begin preparations to book an appointment at the consulate in order to apply for the visa.


This letter should :

  • be addressed to the student and mention his or her full name, and be printed on institutional letterhead;
  • specify the beginning and end dates (day, month, year) of the academic program;
  • include full contact information for the individual issuing the offer or acknowledgment, as well as the full address of the educational institution, and be signed and stamped. (+ ONE COPY)

Three cases are possible:

    • (a) — Students taking part in an exchange program between an American and a French institution. In this case, the acceptance or enrollment letter may be issued from either institution provided the formal exchange agreement is identified and the information specified above is provided. The letter should include an institutional address in France.
    • b) — Students enrolling directly in a French institution as an independent student. In this case, the acceptance or enrollment letter must be from the admitting institution and include all of the information specified above. The letter should include the address of the French institution.
    • c) — Students enrolling in an American program in France (operated by an American institution with a branch in France). In this case, the acceptance or enrollment letter must come from the American institution and include all of the information specified above. The letter should include an institutional address in France clearly indicating the start and ending date of your program


- Nonscholarship students must prove that they have access to at least $820 per month. Proof may be provided in the form of:

      • (i) a recent bank statement (no older than 30 days) showing your full name with a balance of $820 multiplied by the number of months to be spent in France. (+ ONE COPY)
        (Ex: Balance = $820 x number of months in France. For instance, for 6 months stay in France: $820 x 6 = $4920)
      • or (ii) a notarized statement from a parental guarantor in the United States declaring that the guarantor will provide the student applicant with at least $820 per month, accompanied by the guarantor’s most recent bank statement (no older than 30 days) with their full name (make sure to indicate the guarantor’s relationship in regards to the student). (+ ONE COPY of each)

- Scholarship and financial aid students:

      • Letter of scholarship award with full name specifying amount and duration of award, issued by the financial aid office of the student applicant’s home institution AND a specific breakdown of the available financial resources (remaining aid) of the student once the tuition fees have been paid for.


An airline reservation showing date of departure OR a handwritten and legible letter from the applicant indicating the intended date of departure, as well as a formal commitment not to depart before that date. It will not be possible to modify the start date of a visa once the application is processed. Make sure to apply for your student visa sufficiently in advance before your departure to avoid any delays to your application.


PDF - 35.3 kb
OFII form

The OFII residence form (in French) duly filled out (upper part only) (+ ONE COPY)

For further information, please check the residence permit page.

The French immigration (OFII) form should be filled out by the following students:

    • ALL students who will be staying in France for more than six months (181 days and above);
    • Students who will be staying in France for a period of time between four and six months (for a total duration of 91-180 days) who wish to be allowed to work in France while studying;
    • Students who will be staying in France for a period of time between four and six months (for a total duration of 91-180 days) who wish to be able to extend their visa once they are in France.

Students should bring the OFII form to their consulate appointment, and should make sure to print their e-mail address under "adresse messagerie" very carefully on the form to avoid any risk of confusion or error.


PDF - 6.2 kb

Please fill out this form and check the box indicating whether you want to apply for a long stay student visa "étudiant" or "temporary stay".

VERY IMPORTANT: Each student must decide on the day of their appointment which visa they wish to apply, the type of student visa CANNOT be changed after the appointment:

Long stay student visa "étudiant":
- maximum length of this visa is one year (the length of your visa will depend on the length of studies as indicated on the admission letter from French school)
- you are allowed to work in France part-time
- you are allowed to extend your stay for a second semester or year at the Préfecture in France if you are pursuing the same studies at the same school
- if the visa is issued, once in France the OFII registration form must be completed and submitted in France, you must finish the OFII registration procedure in order to validate your visa
- an additional OFII tax (58 Euros) must be paid in France which includes a medical exam

Long stay student visa "long séjour temporaire":
- maximum length of this visa is 6 months
- you cannot work using this visa
- you cannot extend your stay at the Préfecture for a second semester
- you are exempt from paying the additional 58 Euros OFII tax and from OFII the registration
- you do NOT need to fill out the OFII form


Please include a self-addressed FedEx Express "US Airbill" and FedEx enveloppe for the mailing of your passport in the United States, or a prepaid online FedEx Express Airbill.

  • for US Airbill, please fill out your own address twice (you are the sender AND the recipient):
Your name and address
Select shipping preference
Your name and address
Billing information
  • We will NOT accept other methods of delivery: (NO USPS, NO UPS, NO FedEx "Ground/Home" or International service)

Do NOT write the address of the consulate on the airbill


  • The consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant.
  • Please be aware that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee the approval of the visa.
  • The French Consulate in Los Angeles can refuse the issuance of a visa.


Every applicant must apply in person and must make an appointment on our website. No exceptions. Fingerprints and a photograph must be taken in our premises in Los Angeles.

- If you are not able to attend, please free a slot by canceling or rescheduling your appointment by logging back in the appointment system and click on “changing your appointment”.
You will need your “LAX” confirmation number and passport number.

- One appointment = one person (for instance, family of four must take four appointments)

  • Due to the high number of applicants, the French Consulate reserves the right to cancel appointments made by the same person on the same day (or even on two different dates).

WARNING: To use the system, the following configuration is required :

  • Firefox 1.0 and higher
  • Mozilla 1.7.8 and higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher
  • Adobe Acrobat reader and higher
  • Allow pop-ups
  • The appointment system is NOT compatible with Mac computers or Chrome browsers

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